89% of Kids are Computer Savvy

In terms of Internet use, 89% of all kids age 6-11 use online computer services. Among this group of kids, the top activities are:

  • Playing games
  • Doing research for homework
  • Listening to or downloading music
  • Visiting the websites of favorite cable networks including Disney, Nikelodeon and Cartoon Network. This is particularly true for older kids.

Kids age 10-11 are also more likely than younger kids to be socializing
online through email, instant messaging or blogs. Members of this demographic
are also starting to visit myspace.com and use search engines at much higher
rates than younger kids.

89%! Wow! Need some tips on training kids and parents on how to use the
Internet wisely and safely? Check out my older posts.

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As reported on MarketingCharts.com 11/19/08

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