Merry Christmas!

Need a fun little break from your hectic holiday whirlwind? Here's some kids from Central Assembly playing Angels We Have Heard On High for your listening pleasure. The coolest part about this is the kids have never played handbells before today! I realize that you could claim I'm not being truthful or that we have done fifty takes, but I promise you that the leader will need more practice flipping the cards at the right time than the kids will need to play the songs! You can see from the concentration on their faces that this is new to them and they are trying to get it right. How cute! If you'd like to learn more about Handbells, visit www.gph.org/handbells. You'll find another demonstration video, song lists for each kit (there's lots more than just Christmas music), and ordering information.

If you need a last minute idea for involving kids in your Christmas program, this is it!!

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