High-Tech Family Bonding -- Part 3: Seven Essentials to Keep Kids Safe Online

Essential #5: Dialogue About the Issues
Plenty of stories are in the news about people who abused the Internet and got into serious trouble. You might share some of those stories with your kids. Also, children need to understand the dangers, so have conversations about your concerns. Don’t make the whole dialogue negative however. There are plenty of positive ways to take advantage of the Internet. Discuss those with your kids as well.

Leader Tip: Having your own ministry website is a great way to direct kids to fun, safe things to do on the Internet. Get step-by-step instructions for setting one up right here--just scroll down the page!

Essential #6: Use Technology to Build Relationship With Your Kids
Sending email to your children can open dialogue that you might not have otherwise. The same is true for using text messages on a cell phone. Kids today love to communicate using technology. You can join in the communication by understanding how the various tools work and then using them to interact with your kids. Keep in mind though, that technology can’t take the place of personal face-to-face contact with your children. Take your child out for ice cream or sit on the couch and talk. The Internet has a lot of advantages in our society, but nothing takes the place of spending time together.

Leader Tip: Send out a weekly email to the kids in your ministry reminding them of upcoming events, the week’s memory verse—even invite them to respond with questions or ways they are applying the week’s lesson.

Do you have a ministry website? Do you communicate with your kids via email? Would you be willing to give it a try? Leave comments!

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