Customing the Page Header

In case you were wondering, here's how to customize the header of your blog. First, you need to create an image for that space that is as close to the exact size that you need as possible. The only tricky part of that is that you need to measure in pixels. Because different templates have different sized headers, I can't say for sure how large your should be, but if it helps, the one here is 770 x 150.

Once you have your image created, you're ready to go. Hit the "customize" link and go to the Edit Layout page. You'll see the boxes that represent the pieces of your site below. Choose "edit" under theh "Page Header" box. The screen will give you the option to upload an image. Choose "browse" and find the image you created. Under "Placement," choose "Instead of title and description."

Hit "save changes."

That is all it takes--but I would guess that it might take some tweaking to get it exactly the size you want it (sure did me!). All you need to do is edit your original image file and then follow the steps again.

Hope that helps! And again, different templates may do things a little bit different, so it might be hard to get it perfect. You might try adding a border to your image that is the same color as the background of the site so if it isn't perfect, it will still blend in. Leave suggestions if you have any!

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