The Day My Dad Learned to Text

I'll never forget the day my dad learned to text. I was sitting in class and felt my phone vibrate. There weren't many people texting those days (circa 2003), so when I saw it was a text message from my dad, I was impressed. He was just trying it out, but when he figured out he could send me little messages any time of day, even when I was in class, he started using it more often, usually just to tell me he loved me or was proud of me. Some day in the future it's likely no one will ever text anymore, but I will always remember my dad learning how to do that for me. Good thing he did--it's the ONLY way to communicate with my brother right now!

I admit, I was in college when that happened, but the same concept still applies to your kids. Sure, sticking a note in their lunch box is great, but what about an email, text, or a funny video on YouTube that they would appreciate? Young kids with cell phones and email addresses is reality. How do you use technology to communicate with kids? Are you willing to learn?

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