Part 2: Seven Essentials to Keep Kids Safe Online

Essential #3: Install a Filter or Some Other Safeguard Program
Filters provide the safeguard of preventing access to offensive sites. Most filters allow you to choose the degree of filtering based on the age of the child. Install the filter and make sure that it is not being violated with some kind of technological work around.

Leader Tip: The National Center for Biblical Parenting offers a unique Internet protection program that functions differently than a filter and is very safe for kids. Click here to check out Noah’s Internet for more info.

Essential #4: Set Up Family Computer Rules
The needs, age, development, character, and maturity of each child should be taken into account as you set up guidelines for computer use. Some children shouldn’t be on the computer at all because they aren’t responsible enough to handle it. This doesn’t just involve visiting forbidden sites but also means wasting time or being consumed by particular games or entertainment. Computer addiction can start very young, so setting firm limits is essential for balance in a child’s life. Set up appropriate boundaries for your children and a system for monitoring them. Some computer safety programs have built-in timers that allow parents to set limits on a child’s computer time. Be ready to adjust the boundaries and guidelines based on a number of factors. If the child is not being responsible in other areas of family life, is getting poor grades, or is developing some attitude issues, computer time may need to be reduced.

Leader Tip: Click here to download the Family Internet Contract to share with parents. This will help parents establish ground rules about what is and isn't acceptable with regards to the Internet.

Do you use filters on computers at church? At home? Do you have kids who are already addicted to the Internet? Leave comments!

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