Advice to Polish Your Christmas Program

The year is flying by and Christmas will be here before you know it. As you start your planning for this year's program, we hope you will keep this advice from other children's and drama leaders in mind:

  • Choose a program that is multi-generational, to aid in teaching and control.
  • Create characters you believe in, but more importantly that you love.
  • Always invite the Holy Spirit to move in, because His presence will make up for mistakes
  • Keep it simple, based on your resources. The only ambition you should have is to please God.
  • If you have a budget and/or professionals in your congregation, try to get skilled people involved.
- Steven Feldman, Nashville, TN

  • Don't rely on oral communication for anything - use flyers and emails.
  • Purpose to inspire and utilize new student talent. It takes more work but yields a broader blessing.
  • Don't leave any young students on the stage for more than three minutes without a line, movement, or something!
- Danny Middleton, Mesa, AZ

Break the rehearsal schedule down so that only those children who are absolutely necessary are at the rehearsal. This will keep you from having a group of kids sitting around getting bored while waitng their turn on stage. Have parents sign up to help supervise the kids.
- Paula Parker, Tullahoma, TN

DO make sure the parents are willing to help.
DO have a tight schedule so kids are kept busy.
DO have a sense of humor and the patience of Job.
DO know your church's, your cast's, and your own limitations.
Find teachable moments. Make sure the kids know proper stage directions and other lingo. Encourage their imaginations. I often have the cast participate in fun improv activities before the rehearsal starts, just to get everyone loosened up and ready to take the stage!
- Sharyn Kopf, Jamestown, OH

Organized activities at every rehearsal! Anytime kids have down time is a potential disaster.
- Sandra Turley, Springfield, MO
BelieverBands are great gifts for the cast!

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