Parents are a Necessary Part

Evidence is overwhelming that parent involvement is the most significant factor in all educational questions, but  too often Christian educators do no better than schools to get parents involved. When you think of all the children and young people in your Sunday School and other church activities, how many of their parents are involved in the true sense of the word? What energies to we put into getting all parents involved? A key value in people building is: All parents are valued and are the focus of our ministry. Focus requires intentional action.

Focus on Parent’s Needs

Parents need biblical guidance.
Although the Bible gives direct advice and commands about child rearing, until recently the church did little in directed parent education. Now, with decreasing family stability, we know many parents are left without models and guidelines. They need help. Secular parenting classes are not the answer. The major need is for parents to model and teach Christian principles of love and living. Parents need Bible teaching applied to parenting.

Parents need support for their values.
Christian parents need the reinforcement of having their children hear from others what the parents teach at home. Teachers who communicate and honestly involve parents help build healthy families. Parents and teachers who unite in concern for young people give them strength to resist outside forces.

Parents need group influence and interaction.
Sunday School provides an ideal support group for parents. Three powerful elements of group membership contribute to its success. First, there is inspiration and encouragement as parents discover biblical principles that apply in their specific situations. Second, parents exchange experiences and ideas. They learn from each other. Third, they develop emotional and spiritual strength and empathy as they pray together and work toward similar goals.

Envelop Parents In Love
Involve, in modern English, means to include as a relevant or necessary part. In real life no one is more involved than parents. They are necessary to their children. If we care about children, we will understand that parents are an important part of our ministry. We will act on another term related to involvement. WE will envelop them. WE will wrap them up in our love.

Billie Davis
© 2010 General Council of the Assemblies of God

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Mary-Kate (Sunday School Lessons Author) said...

Parents should definitely play an active role in Sunday school. By active I mean working with the Sunday school teacher during projects, not by supplying the crayons and then taking off. Just think about how beneficial that would be for the kids. Children learn through imitation, so if you are excited to be taking part in what they are learning then it goes to say that they will be excited as well.

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