Creating a Slideshow

Creating a slideshow is a snap using another great (free!) Google tool, Picasa. (But other things like Flickr can be used.) Visit http://picasa.google.com// and download the program. Use the same username and password that you use for Blogger. Keep in mind if you already use Picasa for personal use, you can link to that instead.

Once Picasa is installed (follow the prompts) it will ask if you want it to search your computer for pictures. Go ahead and click yes. This will allow you to easily access any pictures on your computer through Picasa. Don't have any pictures you would want on your blog uploaded to your computer yet? No problem. Anytime you add images to your computer, Picasa will automatically detect them.

Alright, you've got Picasa full of pictures (hopefully ones you can use). You can do quite a bit of editing in Picasa, so be sure to play around with those features. But for now, we'll focus on adding the images to Blogger. To do that, you need to put images in your online web album. Select an image (or entire folder) that you want to use on your blog--just click on the picture. At the bottom of the screen you'll see the web album button (shown at right). Click on the button and you will be asked to log into your account. Once logged in a screen will pop up asking for some information. See my example if you have any questions. Keep in mind your first album will be a new one. Should you want to add images to the slideshow later, choose “Add to an existing web album” and you can select the album name from the “Album Title” box.

Now your pictures are online--we just need to get them into Blogger. Head back to your Blogger page, choose "customize" and on the "template, page elements" page choose "add a new element." Select "slideshow." It will give you some options. Under "Source," choose "Picasa Web Albums;" under "Options" choose "Album," type in your username, and it will provide a list of albums
(or the album) to choose from. Select the correct album and click save. Drag the slideshow element to the location you desire on the template page, save, and check it out. Nice job!

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Greta Nelson said...

I did it!!! Thank you!!

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