Believer Bands are Here!

Take advantage of the latest craze of rubber band bracelets your kids are collecting. Believer Bands have a twist—they help kids share their faith!

"God with Us" Believer Bands are great giveaways, and you can use them to teach the Christmas story too! Simply print off the downloadable nativity scene. Then parcel out the bands to your kids. As you share the Christmas narrative, have the children bring their bands up, one by one, to add to the nativity scene.

Not only are Believer Bands a fun, interactive way to teach the good news of Christmas, they make it easy for kids to share the Gospel of Christ.

We also have the "He Is Risen" series and "Live the Call." 

"He Is Risen" is perfect for Easter. Beginning with Jesus riding on a donkey on Palm Sunday, these bands take you through the last supper, betrayal, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. Use them to help tell the Easter story.

"Live the Call" are perfect evangelism tools. These bands represent essential Christian teachings that will remind believers to live up to the calling of Christ.

See them all here!

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MK (Sunday School Lesson Plans Author) said...

The kids in my children's ministry classes go nuts over rubber band bracelets. I'm so glad to see faith-inspired bands! I plan on stocking up on these and using them as prizes and treats for my students. While I love all the shapes that I see, I'm particularly fond of those in the "Live the Call" packet. How inspiring!

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