What Are They Searching For?

YouTube. Google. Facebook. Sex. Porn. Club Penguin.

These were the most popular search terms for 8-12 year olds and those 7 and under, according to recently released research from Norton, provider of virus and Internet security protection.

Shocked? Don't miss the full report here.

But what are the implications for children's ministry?

  • Are you talking to parents about the need for Internet filters on their home computers? About putting the computer in a public place? About social media? No need to cause a panic; just make them aware.
  • Are you talking to kids about their Internet usage? Using it in analogies and examples?
  • More importantly, are you teaching kids about the meaning of Purity - not solely sexual purity, though that needs to be included - but what it means to "Above all else, guard your heart"?
For more information on how you can equip kids and parents in your ministry, see these posts on Internet Safety.

For help teaching kids purity, check out HighPoint Purity. In Purity, kids discover God’s plan for them is sexual purity. They will explore how to guard their minds and hearts as well as their actions to maintain purity.

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