An effective (and fun) new way to teach biblical doctrines

GPH teamed up with 20 children’s pastors to develop an exciting new curriculum that teaches core biblical truths. Introducing Faith Case: Investigating the Truth.

video-based curriculum that lets your kids investigate core biblical truths. Kids join the bumbling Mr. Trench and the patient, but no-nonsense, Commissioner, as they discover what they believe and why.

But don’t take our word for it – visit Facebook.com/FaithCaseResources to read what others think about it, ask questions, and share your testimonies, ideas, and comments.

12 Faith Cases include:
The Bible
One True God
…and more!

Visit FaithCase.com and preview Session One.

*While most core biblical truths transcend denomination, we recognize that some do not. In Faith Case, each lesson stands alone, allowing you to choose the lessons and order that are best for your church.

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CubanRIcan said...

Just receive about 2 weeks a go Faith Case & was browsing thru it & my Husband & I, LOVE IT we will be using it for VBS. We highly recomend it.
From Orlando, FL.

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