Sex and Cell Phones: Protect Your Children

I've discussed the dangers of the Internet on this blog before (see those posts here), but never in the context of cell phones. However, as smart phones become ubiquitous and even "regular" phones can connect to the Internet, it is time to address the issue. The methods of protecting kids on the computer at home (keep it in a public place, use filters, watch them, etc.) aren't enough if your child has a cell phone because you're not with them all the time, but their cell phone (probably) is.
Thankfully iCare stepped in and has compiled information from five major cell phone carriers explaining how parents can monitor their child's phone usage and in most cases restrict the content allowed on the phone. Not all of the services are free, but the savings gained from restricting purchases (think ringtones, background images), texts per day, etc. on the phone will easily pay for the service. And what is the price of a child's innocence?

Childrens leaders, visit the iCare website and download the Sex and Cell Phones: Protect Your Children pdf and give it to all of the parents in your ministry. (I'd give you a direct link, but I don't want to steal their thunder - go check out their site!)

**Side note - Consider using these tools to protect not only your children, but yourself and your spouse, too. We can never be too careful. Because I have not yet tried my carriers blocking software, I cannot testify if I am able to do everything I currently do on my phone with the block in place - if anyone else uses these tools, please comment!

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