Guitar Praise: Guitar Hero for Christian Music

Following on the heels of the Christian Dance Dance Revolution knock-off Dance Praise comes Guitar Praise: Solid Rock, also from the company Digital Praise, whose motto is "glorifying god through interactive media."

The game comes with a wireless guitar controller and a CD-ROM to let Christian shredders rock along to 50 religious tracks including dc Talk's "Jesus Freak," Bride's "Same Ol' Sinner" and Spur 58's "Sleepwalkers."
According to the game's description, "onscreen lyrics reflect Christian values (so that)
vocalists can sing their hearts out as their friends play the guitar." As with Guitar Hero, players unlock new guitars and sounds as they progress through the game.

Guitar Praise ($100), slated for a mid-September release, will be playable on Macs or PCs, and two guitars (additional one costs $70) can be connected simultaneously for tandem jams on guitar and bass.
Article courtsey Wired.com Written by Eliot Van Buskirk August 29, 2008 9:11:38 AM

We are working on getting Guitar Praise at GPH, but we do have Dance Praise! Buy it here.

Have you tried either? Did you buy Guitar Hero for your kids, or do you not allow it at your church/home? I want to hear from you!

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