What Do You Think?

What do you think about all of this "Wired" stuff? About using Blogger (or other blog) as a ministry website? If you chose to try it, how did it go? If you chose not to, why?

Hi, my name is Betsy. The use of technology to draw people of any age closer to Christ is a must do IMHO (that's In My Humble Opinion). I hope this project helps you do that in some way. Please leave comments, feedback, and maybe even some questions. I would love to hear what you have done to wire your ministry and I'm sure other readers will benefit as well!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Betsy!

I haven't used as a ministry website (i'm a volunteer and not a leader). But I think it could be a very helpful way to connect with parents and even volunteers who are online. It can be intimidating at first, but man...just a few minutes in, you find out how easy it is.

And best of all, it's open 24 hours a day for nightowls like me. :O)

Pastor Tom said...

Thanks for the easy to understand instructions. I had been thinking about a blog and after reading your posts. I did it! and after about an hour or so I had it up and running. Very cool! Can't wait to share it with my kids ministry families.
Keep the posts coming! I'd love to learn more, like how to set up the blog so people can subscribe, how to customize your template stuff like that.

Josue said...

Hi Betsy,
My name is Josue.
I just heard today about Wired ministry, I found it very interested! I like to learn more how to use this kind of ministry.
I like to know how to set up a blog.
Could you please help me to know how to do it. I love to use this a tool te reach the Kid's from my church.

Thank you


Betsy said...


I'm glad you have found the article and blog interesting. I believe the blog will answer your questions on how to go about setting up your own blog, but if you have a question I didn't address, let me know and I will try to help. Thanks for stopping by!


Chuck said...

I have set up a blog, and find it to be one of my best ministry tools. There is one thing I would like to do that maybe someone can help me with. How do I link my logo to the top of the page. If anyone knows please email me ncckids@gmail.com

Gospel Publishing House said...

Hi Chuck! Glad your blog is working out well. Before I forget to ask, do you mind sharing the URL with us so we can check it out? Thanks!

As far as adding your header to the top of the page (which I think was your question), here's how you do it:

Click "customize" and then "Page layout". In the top box that probably has your blog title in it, click edit. You'll see a screen with options to name your blog, provide a description, add an image, etc. Add the header image that you want to use and select "Instead of title and description" under the Placement heading. That should do it.

Now there may need to be some tweaking from there, but without seeing your actual stuff, it's hard to say what that would entail. Let me know if that helps!

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